The ESSENCE GLOSSARY™ was created to support and promote the integration of social-emotional education into formal and community-based educational settings.

ESSENCE GLOSSARY™ (English version)


The glossary is comprised of 32 social-emotional attributes and their definitions. It provides a common language and a simple approach to understanding and supporting the growth and development of all individuals.

Numerous scientific studies have indicated that when cultivated and reinforced, many of these attributes increase understanding, cooperation and collaboration.

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Who created the ESSENCE GLOSSARY™?

The ESSENCE GLOSSARY™ was created by educators, Mayra Porrata & Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, to address what they saw as missing needs in early-childhood settings, higher-education classrooms, community-based settings, professional development for leaders in educational & community settings, and overall social-emotional intelligence across the lifespan.

How can you use the Glossary & its derivative products?

We’ve developed and continue to develop books, products, and professional development training for educators and organizations who desire to promote social-emotional awareness, emotional literacy, self-regulation and emotional intelligence.

Click here to access the Essence Glossary™
family of products & tools.