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About the Essence Glossary™ Creators:

Mayra Porrata, M.Ed., is an educator, writer, publisher, and coach in the fields of health education and promotion, social marketing, health and personal leadership, social-emotional intelligence, and spiritual literacy.


newKristieKristie Pretti-Frontczak, Ph.D., is the owner of B2K Solutions LTD, a company that is devoted to an early childhood {r}evolution where every child has the support they need to thrive at school, and in life.


Strategic Partners:

Crystal Pirri

Crystal Pirri is the founder of Creative Spiritual Life™, a brand that inspires social-emotional health. She’s the author of several books, including “The Complete Guide to Mindful Habits: 9 Steps to Permanent Change” which has been taught in university curriculum.


The Story of the Essence Glossary™
by Mayra Porrata

The Essence Glossary™ was borne out of a sincere and heartfelt need my friend and colleague, Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak and I, both recognized as a “missing” in our respective professional domains.

Kristie’s work in early-childhood and professional development in early childhood, placed her in the front and earliest lines of our educational system. My work in personal leadership and community health education & promotion, helped me see the resulting impacts of the unaddressed factors that hinder healthy and productive lives.


Kristie and I met in December of 2013 (photo above). Our dialogue and explorations, always rich with heart and soul, yielded a number of ideas and frameworks for research and development. Chief among them, was “the list of 32 attributes”. What eventually became the ESSENCE GLOSSARY, began as a way for us to highlight and define the most basic aspects of what we view as our “human core”; our essence.

32-attributesIn our schools, while battles rage on over how to best prepare our children to compete in a global economy, we are losing them to inhospitable educational environments, and policies and tests that do very little to measure the kind of intelligence that is most needed in this new economy and world.

During my time in corporate America, what we deemed “soft skills” (aka: how to work well with other human beings), was often viewed as a secondary objective to technical skills. Now, in our rapidly changing economic and cultural environment, “how to work well with others” (e.g. social intelligence, emotional intelligence, non-violent communication, among others), is no longer something we can overlook.

To us, all of this is related. Like I often say to Kristie: “your peanut butter is in my chocolate, and my chocolate is in your peanut butter!” Accordingly, looking at educational data alone only reveals part of the problem. Public health data is one of the best measures and symptoms of how well we are educating and preparing our population to survive and thrive.

While countless educators, administrators, and parents do recognize this connection, and the fact that we can no longer settle for “either-or” approaches, how we get there, will require some intention on all our parts. We must work together to intentionally integrate these skills—at least, that’s what we see as a useful, evidenced-based, and non-violent response to improving educational and community health standards.

Kristie and I are wholly committed to this work and invite you to join us, in this “intentional integration” and gentle {r}evolution. With your help, we can help co-create educational, social, and business environments, where everyone has a chance to learn, contribute, and thrive.


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