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We invite you to share and use these products to promote social-emotional intelligence at school, work, and at home.



The glossary contains 32 attributes or features that are an inherent part of each of us – characteristics which underlie our social-emotional intelligence. The glossary provides both a common language and a simple approach to understanding and supporting the growth and development of us all. 

Download the Essence Glossary™



Ready-to-use, and based on the 32 attributes that comprise our Essence Glossary™, these PRINTABLES are perfect for schools, home-schoolers, agencies, or anyone wishing to promote social-emotional educational dialogue and activities. 




Due to popular request, we turned our popular WORKBOOK into a downloadable and easy to share file. Includes coloring and activity sheets for all 32 Essence Glossary™ attributes.




Books that carry the Essence Glossary™  logo are books that promote social-emotional intelligence, and invite the reader to reconnect with their inherent wisdom and humanity.  All books are available directly through us, or via  



MINDFUL INQUIRIES™: The questions in this pack are designed to promote self-awareness and self-regulation.

INCLUSION INQUIRIES™: The questions in this pack are designed to promote social and situational awareness.

SOULFUL INQUIRIES™: The questions in this pack are designed to promote spiritual awareness and literacy.

Our INQUIRY collection are ready-to-use resources for: 

  • School administrators
  • Professional teacher development faculty
  • Social service agencies
  • Clergy or ministers 
  • Life coaches and counselors
  • Public health/community health educators
  • HR managers or others who lead or work with others
  • Parents 

Each pack is priced at $2.99.
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Exit” door decoration inspired by many other “Entry” door decorations found on Pinterest. Also inspired by the article Mayra wrote, titled “The 11 Social-Emotional Skills Every Kid Should Have“, which was based upon the Essence Glossary™.

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