Workbook of Human Superpowers

Did you know everyone has superpowers?

Yes! Even you!

The problem is, we often discount our own superpowers, or think that if we have a particular ability, then it isn’t so special or powerful.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

It is our superpowers that not only make us unique, but make us effective and successful in our day-to-day interactions and work.

Our Workbook of Human Superpowers is designed to help you dive deep into your own inner magic…and then to foster not only your own superpowers, but those of the children you serve, families you interact with, students you train, colleagues you work with, and community members you live and work alongside.

Our Workbook of Human Superpowers combines elements of an adult coloring book with opportunities for contemplative reflection.

Both the act of coloring and journaling slow the body and help focus the mind…which helps to increase your your EQ!

And we all know the benefits of a higher EQ right? Better overall physical health, improved citizenship, greater levels of happiness, better mental health, and improved academic outcomes…at any age!

Find out what strengthening your superpowers will allow you to do today?



Click on the image to download a free sampler of the Workbook of Human Superpowers!

The Workbook can be ordered in various formats and quantities.

If you’d like to order up to five workbooks, click HERE to order through Amazon. If you need more than 5 copies for your school or agency, please email us directly with your request.

“Being able to color or doodle while listening –helps me focus more!” ~ State educational leader



Our WORKBOOK supports educators and those who serve others in expanding their own EQ.

Our WORKBOOK is great for families looking to reinforce health from the inside-out.

Our WORKBOOK is a tool for schools looking to improve their social-emotional climate.


“Loved to color, never get to do that!” ~ Evaluation team member


P.S. Want a look inside?
Download the free sampler! Click HERE. 

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